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Snake Hill - 2018

As we enter into another secular year, we are having a bit more snow than in recent years (or so it seems)! As always, a big THANKS to all the folks responsible for checking and maintaining the cameras as well as sending the better pictures out for all members to see. It is from these pictures mostly that we add some to the website. Enjoy the pics as they are added and feel free to email us with any comments. A friend of the owner has graciously given us permission to show some pics he has from trail cameras set up in an outside area, not part of the Snake Hill Hunting Club property. However, they are such cool shots, we thought folks would enjoy them! These will have a notation on the pictures themselves. If you have a picture you would added, just send us a note and we will consider posting it! 


  • 08112018_huge_rack.jpg
  • 052718_newborn_w_mom.jpg
  • 02092018_up_close_personal.jpg
  • 07102018_year_old_cubs_cc.jpg
  • 06182018_following_Mommy.jpg
  • 07082018_velvet_buck_cc.jpg
  • 08192018_more_racks.jpg
  • 07182018_twins.jpg
  • 03262018_up_close_bird.jpg
  • 08122018_twins_growing.jpg
  • 07142018_cinnamon_cc.jpg
  • 07042018_cinnamon_babes.jpg
  • 07092018_cinnamon_thief_cc.jpg
  • 052418_bobcat_on_prowl.jpg
  • 090318_triplets.jpg
  • 07082018_black_bear_cc.jpg
  • 10132018_buck_on_mission.jpg
  • 03172018_turkeys_warming.jpg
  • 06012018_mom_baby.jpg
  • 07112018_cubs_cc.jpg
  • 07052018_velvet_buck_cc.jpg
  • 052618_newborn.jpg
  • 03162018_still_snow.jpg
  • 01042018_snowy_stroll.jpg
  • 01112018_romping.jpg
  • 12002018_turkey_fan.jpg
  • 06022018_gobble_gobble.jpg
  • 07032018_boss_bird.jpg
  • 01042018_strolling.jpg
  • 06032018_fisher.jpg
  • 07142018_hungry_cinnamon_cc.jpg
  • 111018_flight.jpg
  • 082018_mom_and_kits.jpg