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Snake Hill - 2020

Can you believe it!? It seems like yesterday we heard all the hype surrounding the year "2000" and here it is TWENTY YEARS later! We are usually a bit delayed in getting a new year's page put on with all the year-end stuff and trying to get away for a few weeks. Life truly is busy, isn't it? Dave and any others who maintain the cameras, a huge "thanks" for providing such cool picturs. Feel free to email us if you'd like to make any comments or if you have a picture you would like added and we will consider it. Enjoy the pics! 


  • 2019_home_fox_family.JPG
  • 070520_momma_bear_cub.jpg
  • 0718202_turkeys_staying-cool.jpg
  • 01012020_leftover_summer_baby.jpg
  • 01012020_lost_in_woods_leftover.jpg
  • 01012020_yelling.jpg
  • 01022020_sparring.jpg
  • 01122020_on_the_prowl.jpg
  • 01122020_up_close.jpg
  • 01202020_jack_a_lope_perhaps.jpg
  • 01272020_a_family_affair.jpg
  • 01272020_herding_up.jpg
  • 02012020_lots_of_turkeys.jpg
  • 02222020_what_a_beard.jpg
  • 03162020_springs_acoming.jpg
  • 03172020_hmm_an_unusal_pic.jpg
  • 03192020_you_look_so_big.jpg
  • 04022020_up_a_tree.jpg
  • 05002020_mom_and_babe.jpg
  • 05202020_good_momma.jpg