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Snake Hill - 2021

Well, it seems like almost an entire year was lost somewhere, doesn't it? With so many people suffering in many different ways due to the worldwide pandemic, it can be relaxing just to be in the natural world the animals live in. There's comfort and solace there and those who spend time in the woods will attest to that. This pandemic has changed our world and the way we live for sure! A continued thanks to Dave and any others who maintain the cameras and review the pictures prior to sending them out. If you have a picture you would like added, send it to Bob and we will consider posting it. Enjoy the pics as soon as they appear!


  • 2019_home_fox_family.JPG
  • 02012021_keeping_warm_play.jpg
  • 03092021_prowling.jpg
  • 04052021_big_cat.jpg
  • 04052021_big_cat_2.jpg
  • 04242021_fishers.jpg
  • 05052021_hungry.jpg
  • 05142021_spring_turkeys.jpg
  • 05162021_playtime.jpg
  • 05172021_here_kitty.jpg
  • 06042021_momma's_baby.jpg
  • 06112021_babe_in_motion.jpg
  • 06122021_loving_momma.jpg
  • 06172021_signs_of_summer.jpg
  • 06222021_what_are_they.jpg
  • 08152021_nice_bird.jpg
  • 11222020_beautiful_birds.jpg
  • 12312020_raccoon.jpg