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Snake Hill - 2022

Well, it seems like almost everyone knows someone or a family who was or is adversely affected by what's going on in our world. It has been an unbelievable couple of years. It seems like just when you get accustomed to one set of rules, they change and you have to start over! It is still one of the most serene and relaxing events to spend some time in the great outdoors, breathing the air made for us! A continued thanks to Dave and the others who maintain the cameras and review the pictures prior to sending them out. If you have a picture you would like added, send it to Bob and we will consider posting it. Enjoy the pics as soon as they appear as we will be adding more as the year progresses!


  • 010222_nice_coyote.jpg
  • 031022_eagle_soars.jpg
  • 032222_Eagles_in_action.jpg
  • 03052022_big_cat.jpg
  • 04152022_big_cat.png