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Snake Hill - 2024

Oh, how time changes things, doesn't it? This past winter was a very mild one overall in many areas of Pennsylvania. One of our industrious members put together a very good video for all the members (and others who may come here) to enjoy. It was put together from past years, as well as the current one. You can access the video by clicking here. The video should open in another window. At this writing (already March), we did not post many pictures, but will hopefully add some during the year. As always, a continued thanks to Dave and the others who maintain the cameras and review the pictures prior to sending them out. If you have a picture you would like added, send it to Bob and we will consider posting it. Enjoy the pics as soon as they appear as we will be adding more as the year progresses! Happy trail blazing!


  • 041019_home_fox_family.JPG
  • 060324_mixed_w_young.jpg
  • 01162024_young_buck.jpg
  • 01222024_winter_coyote.jpg
  • 04202024 huge birds.jpg
  • 06042024_one_big_bear.jpg
  • 06142024_deer_playing.jpg
  • 06162024_dad_w_young.jpg
  • 07032924_raccoons.jpg